929 Main St. Waterboro House of Pizza - Complete 2/23/17 Follow up 2022 ( SHARED )

pre-incident plan created by WFDpreplans

929 Main St
Waterboro, Maine 04087

Aerial image showing Hydrant locations and propane storage.

Side (B) Main entrance.

Patron main entrance located on (B) side. Handicap ramp and stairs. Also main parking located on this side of structure.

Side (D).

Note: (3) exhaust vents for propane fired cooking equipment located directly inside, other side of wall. Note: CMP meter as well as telephone and cable TV

Side (B)

4 - 150 gallon Propane tanks located to the right of second point of egress from main floor. Individual turn off valves located on tanks. Ball valve gas turn off located inside left of Pizza oven.

Electrical panel

Located on "C" wall in kitchen/prep area

C - side

Note second floor egres door with no fire escape.

Side (A)

View from Main Street. High traffic flow during rush hours.

Interior floor.


Take out and dine in Pizza/sandwich establishment. 2 1/2 story wood framed structure with asphalt shingles. Full basement with dirt floor. Second floor is an un-occupied apartment mainly used for storage by building owner. Apartment not up to code for occupancy.

Business hours: 1100 - 2100hrs, 7 days a week. Building is un- occupied during off hours. No fire alarm system or Knox Box. Business does have security system not in use.


Name Description
Jason & Jessica Hill (owners) 1-207-468-2712

Hazards: 4 - 150 Gallon propane tanks located (B) side

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