605 Main St. Brooks Dance Center (complete 3/3/17) Follow up 2022 ( SHARED )

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608 Main St.
Waterboro, Maine 04087

Brooks Dance Center

Aerial view Note: Only one entrance/egress into and out of parking lot.

Brooks Dance Center

View of side "A & B" Note: Electrical located exterior of "side B"

Side D

Propane heat/AC unit

Side C

Two (2) propane heat/AC units

Side B & C corner. Propane storage

Alarm Panel & Main Electrical Panel

Located in kitchen utility closet.(see floor plan for kitchen location)

Alarm Panel & Main Electrical Panel

Propane shut - off

Located adjacent Propane storage on "side C"

Propane shut - off

Attic space access

Hot Water and Furnace located in attic area. Note: Emergency shut off switch. Access in "music room". (see floor plan for Music room location)


A 60' X 100' single story metal framed and sided establishment. Building primarily used for dance instruction as well as other exercise activities.

Security and Fire Alarm system monitored by Maine State Security. Alarm Panel & electrical located in closet in kitchen. Annunciater located inside main entrance (side A) on the right, as well as another inside rear entrance (side C) on the right.

Propane gas shut off outside (Side C) wall ajacent 500 gal. propane storage tank

Knox Box access by Main Entrance mounted on right side pillar.


Name Description
Business Contact


Primary Contact: Katie Brooks 207-939-6776. Secondary Contact: David Abbott 207-602-8343

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