Welke Customs Brokers

pre-incident plan created by TFD Fire Inspector

36 Delaware Street
Tonawanda, New York 14150 ff

A side of building

Hydrant 120' north of building

B side

C side

**Note** green arrow, unsafe conditions on fire escape first landing.

D side

rear door will get you to the Furnace room entrance.

Furnance room located on first floor below ground.

Electrical panel

Furnance room located on first floor below ground.

Electrical panel.

Furnance room located on first floor below ground.

Hot water tank, gas meter and furnance

D side

Entrance to Furnace room

2nd floor panel box

2nd floor panel box located on C side of the building.

View of the roof

Hatch to the roof is located on the third floor A/C side

3rd. floor panel box

Panel box located in common hallway on the third floor

36 Delaware Street

3 story type 2 construction with steel roof joists. 2 ft. parapet walls


A customs Broker agency is located on the second floor which has an open floor plan.

The first floor is occupied by a security company.

The 3rd. floor one office is rented out and there is a training room that holds around 20 people.

There is a Fire Hydrant located 120' north of building

There is a fire hydrant located 340' south of the building.



Name Description
Fire Escape on "C" side

The fire escape first landing is unstable.

Estimated Fire Flow

Building Involvement 10% 25% 50% 100%
9000 sqft
+ 1 exposure
3075 GPM 3188 GPM 3375 GPM 3750 GPM

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