Niagara St 25-45 - Dollar General Plaza

pre-incident plan created by TFD Fire Inspector

City of Tonawanda
25-45 Niagara St
Tonawanda, NY 14150

Pre-incident Plan Image

Utilities access for whole building is on Adam Street side, at back of 37 Niagara / Horizons

Pre-incident Plan Image

Gas meter, B/C corner, near entrance on Adam Street

Pre-incident Plan Image

Pre-incident Plan Image

Pre-incident Plan Image


utility room located on Charlie side- code for enterance #2963


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25 Niagara Street.docx

Edible Arrangements- East building of plaza, has a exit on Alpha side and a exit on the Bravo side. Two CO2 cylinders located in back Electrical panel located behind the restroom near B/C corner Water/Gas shutoffs located on Charlie side near Bravo si

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29 Niagara Street.docx

Dollar General exits located on the Alpha and Charlie sides and a garage on the Charlie side.

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37 Niagara Street.docx

Horizon Health Services 90' x 28'

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41 Niagara Street.docx

Aspire of WNY 52' x 30'

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43-45 Niagara Street. Cricket, Subway

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