Midland Machinery

pre-incident plan created by TFD Fire Inspector

101 Cranbrook Road
Tonawanda, New York 14150

Pre-incident Plan Image

Midland Machinery Co.

Overhead View


Machine shop on the corner of Cranbrook and Young Streets.  Metal fabrication of vehicle equipment, a paint booth, and office space at the front. 

Gas shut-off is at the 4/1 corner on the exterior.

Main electrical shut-off is at the 4/1 corner on the interior. 





Name Description
Paint Booth

Large paint booth near 2/3 corner. paint is stored in closet along side 3 within paint booth. Extinguishment system in place.

Compressed gasses

Compressed gasses are stored near the 3/4 corner. There is also a large oxygen tank along the 1 side of the shop, and 2 portable carts with large acetylene tanks.


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