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E. Ridge Rd Box 900
1111 E. Ridge Rd
Rochester, NY 14621

Pre-incident Plan Image

Map won't scale to size of building....


Stuff 342-0970 ADT 428-7124 Jason Wilson 451-4787 Mary Holes 607-654-3894 450' W x 250' D 80' x 50' Awning - A/B Corner 60' x 150' Loading Dock - D Side Hydrant: N/W corner N corner 10/17/15 Lt. AB


Name Description

Sprinkler - south wall
Fire pump - South wall
Electrical - south wall
Water - east side near bathrooms
Gas - outside south wall
HVAC - Rooftop

Nat Gas Generator South Side


A:4 access doors north side
B: 4 single doors east side
C: 7 single doors south side
D: 4 loading dock bays and 2 doors west side

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