Rite Aid - VACANT

pre-incident plan created by Preplan Acct

E. Ridge Rd Box 900
1233 E. Ridge Rd
Rochester, NY 14621

Pre-incident Plan Image



Property Vacant 9/23/16

Emergency Contact:

1. Xanar Ruiz 716-534-1912

2. Tom Angora 585-615-6758

Commercial Monitoring Tech 866-574-6323

Alarm Panel at main door

130' x 78' x 20' high single story steel deck roof

9/23/16 Lt. AB


Name Description

Gas - outside west wall
Electric - SE corner storage room
Water - south wall
Roof Top HVAC units

Roll up doors
roof hatch in storage room - SE Corner
Drive thru on E side
Steel roll up door on S Side into storage room

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