RGH Reidman Campus

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Kings Hwy Box 304
100 Kings Hwy South
Rochester, New York 14622

RGH Reidman Campus

RGH Reidman Campus


Large Multi-Use Medical Facility

A, B, & C buildings

Each has own HVAC, electrical, and sprinkler system.

PV system @ east wall along B Building.

Roof access at stairwell east side of Building A.

All alarms are building independent.  Main alarm panel at North Door.  Controls all 3 systems.

Knox Box @ North Door.

Kitchen off south door.

Jaston Decker 922-1513 O, 755-6038 C

Engineering Services

4/10/18 Lt. AB 



Name Description
Contact Information

Security Desk 585 922-4300


PDF Document

100 S Kings 1st.pdf

Floor Plan - 1st Floor

PDF Document

100 S Kings 2nd.pdf

Floor Plan - 2nd Floor

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