RGH Health Systems

pre-incident plan created by Preplan Acct

E. Ridge Rd Box 900
1455 E. Ridge Rd
Rochester, NY 14617

Pre-incident Plan Image


RGH Security 922-4300

KNOX Box near front doors

Vacant, no combustibles, sprinkler system shut down

Alarm shut off main office

310'W x 220'D x 25' High Single Story Block wall, concrete floor. Steel truss roof.

North: Main Entrance & 2 single exit doors

East: 3 side doors

South: 2 sets double doors, 3 loading dock doors

West: 1 single door

9/24/16 Lt. AB


Name Description

Sprinkler: 2 Southeast & northwest, 2 FDC
Electric: several locations upstairs
Water: N/W side by sprinkler
Gas: S/W outside
Phone Room: 2nd Floor S/W side
Rooftop HVAC


1455 E. Ridge Rd N/E Corner
1778 Goodman St N


Several Transformers - Inside & out
Back Up Generator: Upstairs 2nd Floor S/W side, Nat Gas
DANGER - Heavy Compressors for Coolers on 2nd Floor S/W Side.

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