Panera Bread

pre-incident plan created by Preplan Acct

E. Ridge Rd Box 900
1015 E. Ridge Rd
Rochester, NY 14617

A/B Corner

A/B Corner

Gas meter B side

Gas meter B side

B/C Corner. Rear door, FDC

B/C Corner.  Rear door, FDC

C Side

C Side


Bakery and Cafe 613-3974


Cathy Dudley 802-7414

Joe Cereo 315-569-3685

Single Story Type II, Truss Roof

Knox Box near main door on "A"/E. Ridge Rd. Side

FDC on B/C Corner

Consolodated Fire 

Alarm panel in main office C/D corner

1/25/17 Lt. AB


Name Description

Mechanical room/area off rear door at C/B corner.
Gas meter next to driver thru window on B Side
Sprinkler Shut off in this area.
Roof Access in this area


Liquid CO2 tank in kitchen area

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