Keenans Restauraunt

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E. Ridge Rd Box 900
1010 E. Ridge Road
Rochester, NY 14621

Pre-incident Plan Image

Pre-incident Plan Image



Lunch and dinner restaurant/bar 585-266-2691 1. Jim Romano 585-503-8878 2. Sean Tydings 585-750-2301 140' x 60' Single story construction 11/20/2015 ALT. SM 116


Name Description
Gas Shut off

Natural Gas shut off located on the rear/C side of the building by the loading dock.

Electric Shut off

Multiple electric panels in the rear of kitchen, C side of the building. Sub panels also located in the office, rear of the building in the additions.

Sprinkler system (Old)

Sprinkler system consists of two different sections. Old section is over the bar, kitchen, offices and east dining room. The old section is shared with Harbor Freight. The FDC for this section is also on the rear of Harbor Freight (C)

Sprinkler system (New)

The new section of sprinkler is above the west dining room. There is a room with a riser for this sprinkler off the back of the west dining room.

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