Bishop Kearney

pre-incident plan created by Preplan Acct

Kings Hwy Box 304
125 South Kings Highway
Rochester, NY 14617

Pre-incident Plan Image

Pre-incident Plan Image

Pre-incident Plan Image


Catholic High School which also houses a Girls National Hockey Team with dormitory residences. 

Business Phone: 585-342-4000 

Contact 1: Mike Sahrle 585-737-2938

Contact 2: Scott Parmele 585-503-0848



Name Description

Located on the exterior, D side near the bushes.

Sprinkler Room

All sprinkler valves are located in the boiler room in the basement.

Natural Gas SO

Located in the basement, next to the switch room.

Electric SO

Located in the basement switch room.

Knox (Coming soon)

D side

Main Fire Alarm

Basement switch room.

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