112 Pond Rd

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March 08, 2015
112 Pond Rd
Honeoye Falls, NY 14472


Add-En-On Kennel Fire

Responding Units

Unit Dispatched On-Scene Actions Performed
5C26 11:49 11:52

First unit on scene. Called for Structure assignment upon viewing a smoke column from the building complex. Upon arrival noted fire from the roof of the 1 story portion of the building approximately centered in the complex. Upgraded to 2nd Alarm upon partial walk-around, conferred with F worker/resident as to location of fire and dogs withing the building. Established command and ICP on side A of the complex. Ordered E563 to lay supply line from Pond Rd/Douglas Rd to the scene and Mendon E365 to lay from Pond Rd/Mendon Center Rd to the scene. Relieved by 5C16 as Command and assumed Operations Section Chief for the remainder of the incident.

5C16 11:49 12:07

Assumed Command from 5C26. Re-located ICP

E563 11:49 12:02

Crew stretched 1 3/4" Attack Line. Crew performed brief search and opened animal cages of the main building until evacuation ordered by Operations

Q560 11:59 12:08

Positioned on "D" side and set up for ladder pipe operaitons

E563 12:02 12:22

5" supply line from Pond Rd/Douglas Rd as close to scene as possible

112 Pond Rd Overhead

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