105 Onondaga

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Incident Number
November 06, 2014
105 Onondaga Rd
Rochester, NY 14622


FD responded for the report of a house fire on Apt 2B. Units arrived to find heavy fire venting from the A side, ground floor, A/D Apartment. Engine 184 stretched an 1.75" to the front door, executing a transitional attack by flowing water into the foyer and then the front window before making entry. Upon making entry, the team completed the extinguishment of the living room and continued into the Kitchen extinguishing the seat of the fire. Searches of the building were negative and there was no extension beyond the fire apartment. Preliminary investigation revealed that the family left a pan of cooking oil unattended on the stove which extended to the kitchen. The last resident out of the apartment failed to close the apartment door on exiting contributing to the spread of fire. 5 units (4 were occupied) were affected by the fire, Red Cross was called for 6 adults, 1 child. Mutual aid to the scene from E16, T6, E153, E154, E123RIT, B1, Car99, 800, 810, 801, 811, E112, 1c21

Responding Units

Unit Dispatched On-Scene Actions Performed
184 1429 1432

Engine 184's crew deployed a 1.75" pre-connect smooth bore to the front foyer door performing a transitional attack from the front door into the foyer and then into the front window, checking the advance of the fire. The crew, under the command o TLT. Finewood advanced into the apartment finishing the extinguishment of the living room and kitchen.

E-184 was able to make their own water with a hydrant in front of the structure.

1c38 1429 1432

Duty Captain arrived providing a size-up of fire showing from the A-side of the structure. 1c38 established command on the A-side further updating that the fire was on the A-side, ground floor apartment. Further requests f

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