126 Luddington Lane - Fatal Fire

post-incident analysis created by NGFD Group 2

Incident Number
June 02, 2016
126 Luddington Lane
Rochester, NY 14612


FD Responded for the kitchen fire. Updates while enroute reported a female stating "getting too hot". Police on scene reporting no one answering the door and visible fire in the back of the house. At 0546 Engine 274 arrived, forced entry and stretched an 1 3/4" line to the front door. 274 also had smoke showing from garage roof of the garage. 2c57 and 270 completed a 360, 2 stories and had visible fire in the kitchen on the charlie side. Police reporting they believe the female is still inside. 2c57 established command accross the street. 270 attempted entry through the alpha side for a primary search but was unsuccessful due to hoarding conditions. Neighbors reporting the occupant bedrom was in the living room on the baker side. 270 assigned to VEIS via a window to that room. Again due to items piled up 270 could not make entry. 270 went to the Charlie side sliding glass door and made entry to begin primary search. 274 continued to try and advance a line through the debris to control the fire. Engine 273 brought a water supply to Engine 274. 270 Driver set up aerial to the roof with 274 Driver once 274 driver was relieved by the Part Timer. Engine 274 reported they had fire above them and requested a line to the second floor. Command assigned this task to E252, Engine 252 had Engine 273 advance the line with their assistance. 270 Located the victim in the Baker / Charlie corner of the living room. With assistance from 273, 270 removed the victim through the front door to a waiting GVA ALS rig. Barnard Paramedics were assigned to assist with patient care. 274 knocked the fire down and began to check for extension to the 2nd floor. 1 additional engine was requeted to the scene. Fire was confined to the kitchen.  MCFB fire investigation unit responded to determine cause and origin. Town Code enforcement condemed structure due to the conditions prior to the fire. RGE & MCWA responded to cut all utlities to the structure. Emergency Enclosures called in to secure the structure. 

Responding Units

Unit Dispatched On-Scene Actions Performed
E274 0542 0546

Forced Entry, Fire Suppression

T270 0542 0546

Forced Entry, VES, Victim Removal, Ventillation

E273 0542 0547

Water Supply, 2nd Line to 2nd Floor

E277 0542 0554

Manpower assisted with ground ladders and various tasks

R278 0542 0558

Fill SCBA Bottles, other exterior funtions

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