59 Ballad Avenue

post-incident analysis created by NGFD Group 1

Incident Number
April 23, 2016
59 Ballad Avenue
Rochester, NY 14616


270 Arrived and found smoke and flames from the chimney of a 2 story.  270 found a small fire in the fire box and quickly extinguished the fire with a water can.  270 placed an 28' extension ladder on the Bravo side of the house.  270 exposed the chimney area on the roof.   273 established a water supply for 270 and then stretched an 1"3/4 line to the Alpha side of the house.  274 arrived and took over interior operations including checking for extension into the attic and emptying the firebox.  The 1"3/4 line knocked down the fire from the chimney and roof area from the ground.   Overhaul on the chimney and roof was completed.  278 utilized the WAP to remove water from the garage area that had occured from run off from knocking down the fire and final wet down of the fire area.

Responding Units

Unit Dispatched On-Scene Actions Performed
2C-27 1919 1923


2C-37 1919 1923


2C-57 1919 1923


270 1919 1923

Fire Extinguishment and Roof Operations

273 1919 1923

Established water supply and Overhaul

274 1919 1925

Checked for extension and cleared the fire box

277 1919 1928

278 1919 1937

Utilized WAP to get water out of the garage

Post-incident Analysis Image

Aerial View

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