NFPA 1410 Evolution 5: Drafting with Two Engines

training scenario created by IncidentSmart


In this evolution a two engine companies will be used for fire attack. The first engine will arrive on scene, and deploy an attack line, the second due engine will lay lines from the first engine to a pond. The second engine will draft from the pond, and pump back to the first engine. A backup line will also be deployed from the first arriving engine. The recommended completion time for this drill is 6 minutes.

1. Stage

Begin by staging apparatus away from the fire scene.

2. First Engine to Fire Scene

The first engine will proceed to the fire scene when indicated. Time starts when the apparatus stops at the fire scene. The driver will place this engine into pump, and two firefighters will advance an attack line 150'. This line should flow a minimum of 100 GPM, and should be charged with tank water as soon as possible.

3. Supply lines to first engine

The second engine can proceed into the fire scene after a 30 second delay. This engine will stop at the first engine. One firefighter will remove supply lines and secure it to the first engine, and then signal the second engine to proceed to the drafting location. One the supply lines are connected to the first engine, the backup line should be extended.

4. Draft and advance backup line

The second engine will lay at least 300' of supply line to the drafting source, and will setup to draft. Once the water source is secure the second engine will pump back supplying the first engine. When both the attack line and backup line are flowing at the required rate and pressure the scenario is complete.

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