NFPA 1410 Evolution 11: Forward Lay for Elevated Master Stream

training scenario created by IncidentSmart


In this evolution a truck company will operate an elevated master stream appliance while and engine company secures a hydrant and uses a forward lay to supply the truck. This evolution is complete when the master stream appliance is flowing at 500 GPM. This evolution should take a maximum o 5 minutes to complete.

1. Stage Apparatus

Stage apparatus away from the water source and the fire scene.

2. Engine to Water Source and Truck to Fire Scene

The truck will proceed to the fire scene, and the engine to the water source. Start time when the engine stops at the water source. The truck will begin to setup its elevated master stream while the engine secures the water source.

3. Engine to Fire Scene

The engine will then proceed to the fire scene laying at least 300' of supply line. The engine will be placed into pump, and the lines from the hydrant will be connected to supply the engine. When the engine operator is ready, the water supply shall be sent to the engine.

4. Supply the Elevated Master Stream

Additional supply line should now be stretched at least 100' from the engine to the truck to supply the elevated master stream. When the elevated master stream appliance is flowing at the required rate and pressure the scenario is complete.

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