Big Fire Hookup

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When you need to supply a large volume (greater than 500gpm) of water when at the fire scene a great option is to use a big fire hookup. The big fire hookup is accomplished by connecting a large diameter hose, and two three inch supply lines from the hydrant to the engine. This is used when supplying an elevated master stream, when pumping to the base pumper over a long distance, or when acting as the base pumper at a fire requiring a high fire flow. Examples would be when multiple hand lines are in operation, or when operating master streams. Things to think about. 1) Know your engine's rated pumping capacity. 2) Identify buildings that will need immediate Big Water 3) Review hydrant maps, identify streets with large water mains 4) Practice apparatus placement. Example, is the large diameter hose in a safe location, out of collapse zones, away from radiant heat. 5) When possible hook up to a hydrant on a main street, as they usually have larger water mains.


Order Step

Position your engine so that you can easily connect your large diameter hose to the steamer connection on the hydrant.


Ensure the hydrant is closed.


Remove all hydrant caps, and connect gates to side connections. Ensure both gates are closed.


Connect your large diameter hose from the engine to the steamer, either using your side connection, or your front end connection.


Charge the hydrant, getting water to the pump via the large diameter hose.


Attach three inch hose from the gates on the hydrant to the engine's intakes.


Slowly open both gates. This will achieve the maximum gallons per minute from the hydrant.

Big Fire Hookup for Engine with Front End Connection

Close up of big fire hookup

Close up of big fire hookup

Big fire hookup connected to engine

Big fire hookup connected to engine

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