1207 North Clinton Ave

pre-incident plan created by IncidentSmart

Box 200
1207 North Clinton Ave
Rochester, New York 14611

Birds eye view

Birds eye view

Front of fire house

Front of fire house


Location of Water Sources / And Truck Placement


The fire house on North Clinton Avenue. This is a single story structure, with a normal occupancy of 4 individuals. There are two apparatus stationed in this building. Two boats can be found behind the apparatus during the winter months.


Name Description
1. Gasoline / Oils

Safety cabinet containing gasoline and oils.

2. Workbench

Workbench with an attached grinder, cleaning supplies, de-greasers and paints on top.

3.Cleaning Supplies

Closet full of cleaning supplies, including bleach and ammonia.

4. Office / MSDS

MSDS are stored in a binder in the office.

5. Utility Closet

Electrical shut offs are located in this closet.

6. Cooking Oils

Cooking oils in three gallon containers are found in the corner cabinet.

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