55 Briggs Street

post-incident analysis created by IncidentSmart

Incident Number
January 17, 2012
55 Briggs Street
Rochester, New York 14611


Working fire on the second floor of a two story wood frame structure. The fire spread from a C-side bedroom to the attic. The majority of the fire damage was in two rooms on the second floor and into the attic. An open chase allowed for drop-down into the basement. The basement only suffered minor damage.

Responding Units

Unit Dispatched On-Scene Actions Performed
E7 21:02 21:05

Was the base pumper and took the first line to the second floor.

T10 21:02 21:07

Placed multiple ground ladders and located basement stairs.

T5 21:03 21:05

First unit on scene finding heavy smoke from the second floor on the alpha side. T5 performed vertical ventilation and search and rescue.

E3 21:08 21:13

Responded as the extra unit, was assigned to RIT.

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