198 Pierpont St

post-incident analysis created by IncidentSmart

Incident Number
February 13, 2012
198 Pierpont St
Rochester, New York 14613


Two and 1/2 story wood frame 4 family structure with fire on the first and second floors of the 'A' side. Fire extended and consumed the entire attic area. Companies were pulled out of the structure for an exterior attack. The structure was too unstable for complete overhaul. Emergency demolition company was called in to take down the house in order to completely extinguish it.

Responding Units

Unit Dispatched On-Scene Actions Performed
E10 13:42 13:45

Base pumper and secured the first source of water. Had three inch and 3/4 lines in operation as well as a monitor gun.

T2 13:42 13:46

Placed ground ladders, performed ventilation and out ladder pipe into operation.

E3 13:44 13:49

Positioned apparatus and made second water.

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