Clover Home Leisure

pre-incident plan created by Group 1

E. Ridge Rd Box 900
960 E. Ridge Road
Rochester, NY 14621, NY 14621



Home Leisure and Pool Supply Store 585-342-9390 1. Tom Deegan 585-734-2326 297'x590' Single story, full basement with many rooms of storage 09/14/2015 ALT. SM 116


Name Description
Propane tank storage

Propane tank storage/exchange on the east side of the building.

Pool Chemicals

Chemicals stored mid building on the first floor on the east side.


MSDS in binders in the break room.

Natural Gas Shutoff/Electric

Meter is outside of the building on the west side. Main electric panel is in the basement under the parts dept.

General building notes

No sprinklers. No FDC. No fire alarm system or Knox Box. Several propane tow motors in the basement level. Gate on Stanton rd. side unlocked. Entering from the A side you are on the first floor. Entering from C side you are in the basement.

NFPA 704 Diamond

Red- 4
Yellow- 0
Special- Blank

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