Training Scenarios

running a training scenario

IncidentSmart's training scenario tools simplify the process of creating consistent and effective drills for your personnel.

The IncidentSmart training system allows you to:

  • name your drill and give an overview of what is to be accomplished
  • list steps that should be taken to complete the scenario
  • map a diagram of how the training ground should be setup
  • attach pictures to assist in explaining complex steps in the drill

Once created, the training scenario can be re-used as many times as required with no additional effort being needed. No more reinventing the wheel, or searching tattered binders for last year's notes.

Our tools also allow you to share your scenarios with a group of instructors so that you can assure a consistence in the training being delivered.

Take a look at an an example training scenario to see how a drill could be setup and be re-used by your department.

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