Pre-Incident Planning

Watch the video and see how to create a quick preplan with IncidentSmart

Pre-incident planning or pre-fire planning is critical for successful emergency response. The tools you need for fast and effective pre-incident plan development are available to you with IncidentSmart.

IncidentSmart allows you to quickly create scene diagrams with drag-and-drop tools, that have been developed for firefighters by firefighters.

The IncidentSmart pre-incident planning system allows you quick access to your pre-incident plans from anywhere you have an internet connected device. On your phone, your tablet, MDT or back at the fire station.

Your pre-incident plan will contain:

  • basic information about your target site, business name, address, description, and more
  • notes about any hazards or areas of interest
  • custom maps of the site, as well as maps for apparatus placement, or the location of waters sources
  • photographs and pictures of the site that show the building or other important features
optimal apparatus deployment map

optimal apparatus deployment map

Utilizing pre-incident plans with IncidentSmart will result in your fire department having a safer and more effective response to critical incidents.

Take a look at an example pre-incident plan, you will see the amount of information you can provide to your on-scene units when using IncidentSmart.

Your department can get fully up and running with IncidentSmart today! Get access to all of our tools, including post-incident analysis and training scenarios.

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