Video: Fire Apparatus

By Dan Curran on December 03, 2014

Thanks for taking the time to take a look at our tutorial on fire apparatus for the IncidentSmart map. The transcript of the video is available below.



Today we are going to talk about a core IncidentSmart feature, the fire apparatus.

You can use fire apparatus in your pre-incident plans to show the optimal placement for fire attack.

In your training scenarios you can use apparatus to show where equipment should be positioned to properly perform your evolutions.

And in post incident analyses you use the apparatus icons to show where your units were positioned during the fire attack.

The apparatus icon is the first icon on our toolbar. The "more" indicator on the icon lets you know that there are more choices available when clicked on.

After clicking on the icon a toolbar will appear offering a list of apparatus to choose from.

The first icon is a heavy rescue, Followed by a tanker truck, a midi or, a fire engine, a straight stick truck, and finally an aerial platform truck.

Clicking on an apparatus icon will add it to your map.

Once added to your map you can click on the apparatus to drag it around.

You can also double-click the apparatus to bring up its dialog menu.

This menu gives you the option to Rotate, Duplicate or Delete the truck.

When rotating you will be shown an anchor point on the apparatus which you can click and drag in order to rotate the truck.

The duplicate option will create an exact copy of your apparatus.

The delete option will remove the apparatus from your map.

Now lets add an aerial platform. After double clicking on the aerial platform you will see its dialog offers two additional options, Rotate Aerial and Extend Aerial.

Rotate aerial will allow you to move the aerial around.

Extend aerial will allow you to make the aerial longer or shorter.

Thanks for checking out this tutorial on IncindentSmart apparatus. Head over to our website for more information.

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