IncidentSmart Update: More Colors

By Dan Curran on September 22, 2014

Hi, and welcome to our first IncidentSmart Update post. In this post we will be outlining the major changes to the IncidentSmart application, and will be giving you a few examples of how you can use these changes. For a full list of all the changes and bug fixes that have made it into this update check out our change log.

The major update in this release is a new color picker widget, shown below.

The new color widget

This widget shows you the color currently selected for your map icon. When you click on the color box, you will be shown a list of the available colors. Click the color you wish to use, and your map icon will now be that color.

The Hose Tool’s menu has been updated to use this new widget. There are now 10 colors that can be used for your hose line, which is double the number of colors that were previously available.

Another big change is that we have enabled different colors for structures, as well as for the background color for labels. You can see all the color options in the image below.

An example of the ten color options for structures and labels

Now when you bring up the Structure Tool or the Label Tool you will see the color picker widget, and can use it to set a different color for your label or your structure.

We believe that these new options will allow for your maps to be a lot more interesting. You can now set a different color for different sections of a building in your pre-incident plans. More detail about hose lines can be shown in your training scenarios. And your post-incident analysis fire scene maps can benefit for colored labels differentiating units labels from structural labels.

Another cool use of colors. Use the Structure Tool to show interior elements. In the image below you see how we used a maroon structure for the coffee table, and an orange structure to denote a corner bookshelf.

An example of using color structures for interior elements

This update also includes a couple of quality of life improvements for IncidentSmart. We have updated the Label Tool to allow you to edit your label’s text. We fixed a couple of bugs with the duplicate function for hose, the aerial platform and the straight stick truck. Finally we added Facebook and Twitter like and share buttons to our blog posts, give them a try!

Thanks for checking out this update. We hope you enjoy these new features, and look forward to your incident scene diagrams and training scenarios benefiting from them.

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