IncidentSmart Update: The Arrow

By Dan Curran on October 06, 2014

IncidentSmart Update: The Arrow

Welcome to the second update to IncidentSmart. In this post we will be outlining the major changes that have been made to the application.

For a full list of all the changes and bug fixes that have been put into this update check out our change log.

In this update, version 1.2, we have release a new icon, The Arrow. To access the arrow icon, click on the markers link, and then click on the arrow icon. You will be presented with the arrow settings dialog.

How to access the arrow icon

In this dialog you are able to set the size of the arrow and the color of the arrow.

Different sizes of the arrow icon

And you can set the arrow to be any of 10 different colors.

Different color options for the arrow icon

The arrow while very simple in design and use will allow you to make your scene diagrams much more engaging.

The arrow can be used to show the paths of travel, which can be important in motor vehicle accident reconstruction, or when you wish to show the direction a fire truck took to enter the scene.

Arrow used to show path of travel at a motor vehicle accident

The arrow can also be used to show wind direction, the direction of fire travel, or evacuation routes. The possibilities are limitless.

This update also brought a couple of other changes with it. There is a new users page. This page shows IncidentSmart users who have reports that they are publicly sharing. We also added a list of the most recent blog posts to the IncidentSmart homepage. We also made some performance improvements, and fixed a couple of bugs.

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