IncidentSmart Update: New Map Icons

By Dan Curran on January 24, 2015

IncidentSmart Update: New Map Icons

We are starting off the new year with an update to our mapping tool. This update includes the following new features:

  • New vehicle icons: brush truck, fire SUV, pickup truck, suv, box truck, and tractor trailer
  • New fire department connection icon
  • New infrastructure icons: curved road, railroad and curved railroad
  • The label tool has been updated, allowing you to set the label size, and turn off the background border.

Our users have been seeing some interesting MVAs and wanted to record them. To facilitate this we added additional civilian and commercial vehicles to the mapping tool.

New Civilian Vehicles: SUV, Pickup Truck, Box Truck and Tractor Trailer

A couple of pieces of apparatus have also been added. A brush truck, or fire pickup truck as well as a fire department SUV. The SUV icon was requested for use for different fire chief or fire officer vehicles.

New Fire Department Vehicles: Brush Truck and Fire SUV

A request was also made for an icon to represent a fire department connection. This turned out to be a common icon that was being used in pre-incident plans, so adding this to the system was a no-brainer.

Fire department connection

Updating the roads to allow for curved roads was another request which was a clear winner for the system. Along with curved roads, we have added railroads, and curved railroads. The curved road adds a lot of flexibility in the maps that can be designed. The example below shows a road with a loop at the end.

Road with a loop at the end

Last but not least we have updated the label tool. You can now turn off the background and set the sizes for the labels. Here we show you the labels of different sizes with and without the background turned on.

Labels with different sizes and backgrounds

This update brought some new features to the mapping tool. We hope you can make use of them in your next IncidentSmart map.

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