Fire Hydrant Markings

By Dan Curran on December 01, 2014

Fire hydrant marking

In a discussion about the Big Fire Hookup user Don Catenacci mentioned that it is important to know your fire hydrant classification when hooking into it.

NFPA 291: Recommended Practices for Fire Flow Testing and Marking of Hydrants recommends, in chapter 5, that hydrant caps be colored according to their rated capacities.

Knowing the color coding and capacity of fire hydrants is useful on the fire ground so that you know approximately how much water you can get to your fire pump. If you are sitting on a red hydrant, a rating of less than 500 gpm, you know that you are not going to be able to operate a master stream device and an attack line without running your pump dry.

Knowing your hydrant color coding requirements can also be useful on your next promotional exam, as the color coding of hydrants often shows up in the multiple choice portion of those tests.

Hydrant Classifications and Color Coding

Classification Cap Color GPM
Class AA Light Blue Greater than 1,500 GPM
Class A Green 1,000 - 1,499 GPM
Class B Orange 500 - 999 GPM
Class C Red Less than 499 GPM

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