Engine Company Drill #2: Reverse Lay

By Dan Curran on September 15, 2014

Engine company performing a reverse lay to a hydrant

This is the second article in our Engine Company Drills series, where we share a training scenario from the NFPA 1410: Standard for Training for Initial Emergency Scene Operations.

Download the attached PDF and use it to run a full training evolution for your department.

In this evolution you will simulate a base pumper arriving on scene without securing a first source of water. A second engine company will arrive, lay supply line from the base pumper to a hydrant. The second engine company will pump back to the base pumper. As in the first evolution two lines, an attack line and a backup line, will be deployed from the base pumper.

Download Engine Company Drill #2: Reverse Lay and use it for your next training session.

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Tags: training, training scenario, engine company drill, reverse lay

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