IncidentSmart Update: Documents and More

By Dan Curran on March 10, 2015

IncidentSmart Update: Documents and More

Welcome to an IncidentSmart update post! In this post we are going to discuss the new features that have been added to IncidentSmart.

Lets dive right into the new features.

Document Uploads

Document upload form

The ability to attach documents to reports has been request by a number of Fire Departments. We felt that this was a great feature request and got to work on including it in IncidentSmart.

This feature can be used to attach a power point presentation to a training scenario, attach the sign-off sheet for all those who attended an incident to your post-incident analysis, and to attach the material safety data sheets for a property to your pre-incident plan. The potential uses of this feature are huge.

Using this feature you can now upload documents that are under half a megabyte in size. You are currently allowd to upload: csv, doc, docm, docx, gdoc, gslides, gsheet, key, keynote, html, htm, numbers, odf, ods, odt, odp, pdf, pps, ppt, rtf, sdd, txt, wpd, wps, xls, xlsx, xlsm, xlt, xml. If there is a type of file that you want to be able to upload and it is not in our list, please let us know.

When viewing your reports, you will see something like the following image.

Document view example

Message Center

Message Center

A new area has been added called the Message Center. This is your IncidentSmart inbox. When a user sends you a contact request, or shares a report with you, a new message will be added to your message center.

This feature was created to cut down on the number of emails sent to users, and to allow you to keep track of all your IncidentSmart messages in one place.

Access your messages

You can access the message center by clicking on the Wrench Icon on your toolbar, and then select the message icon. When you have a new, unread message a red box with the number of messages you have will show up, to the left of the Wrench Icon.

Messages are generated by IncidentSmart automatically, and are there to give you more information about the activity that is taking place on IncidentSmart.

Updated User Profiles

Updated user profile

User profiles have gotten a little bit prettier, and some additional information has been added. On the profile you are now able to see how many times your profiles has been viewed, as well as the number of times that your reports have been viewed. The view count for your profile and your reports is unique, the same user viewing your report multiple times will only count as a single visit.

Make profile private

The account management page has also been updated. This page now has a easier to use interface, and an additional option. This option is the checkbox Make my profile private. When this option is selected your profile will be hidden from the main IncidentSmart users page.

Changes to the Contact System

The contacts system has been updated to make it easier to find and add new contacts. At the core of the contact system change is the updated Users Page. From this page you can view all IncidentSmart users with public profiles, and optionally add them as a contact.

All users page

All IncidentSmart users with a public profile will be listed on the users page and a button is next to profile title Add as Contact. When clicked, a message will be sent to the user you tried to add. That user will then have the option of approving or denying your contact request. When approved, that IncidentSmart user will show up on your contact list.

You can visit your Contacts page to see all of your pending contacts, and to approve or deny requests that have been sent to you.

Forms Improvements

All of the forms across the site have been updated. We have improved the layout of the forms to make them easier to edit. The resulting reports have also been updated. These forms will display your images and documents in a much more user-friendly manner, and will also only show field title for data that has been entered. For example, if no address was entered you will not see an address area on the resulting report.

In Conclusion

There have been a number of other smaller changes that have been made across the site that will provide you with more useful information, making creating reports easier, and to make moving around the site easier. To see the full list of changes please take a look at the Change Log.

We expect that you will find these changes will make creating reports with IncidentSmart even easier. If you have any questions or comments please let us know! We are always looking for ways to make IncidentSmart better meet your needs!

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