IncidentSmart Update: Advanced Structure

By Dan Curran on November 24, 2014

Welcome to the IncidentSmart 1.4 Update. This update brings a number of changes to the program.

The major feature in this update is the Advanced Structure tool. This tool allows you to create structures that may have unique angles or layout.

IncidentSmart map showing a structure designed with the advanced structure tool As you can see in our example we were able to create a structure with sharp angles. This would have been difficult using the traditional structure tool.

The Advanced Structure tool will prompt you for the number of sides in your structure prior to creating it. Once set, you will be able to double-click your structure, select the Edit option, and then reposition the walls of your structure using anchors.

In addition to the structure tool we have updated the user dashboards.

updated IncidentSmart user dashboard

The updated dashboard uses tabs to separate pre-incident plans, training scenarios and post-incident analyses. The updated dashboard also allows you to present more information about you and your department to those viewing it. You can now upload a custom image and add your department name to the dashboard. To update this information click on the wrench icon in the upper right corner and then select Manage option

The blog has also been updated. We have added the ability for our viewers to comment on blog posts, added searchable categories, and added the ability to view older blog posts with a next and previous page feature.

Thanks for taking the time to check out this update, we hope you enjoy these changes! If you have anything to add, comment below! To see the full list of changes head over to the change log.

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