Post-Incident Analysis

Post-incident analysis review is a vital activity that should be undertaken after every major incident (NFPA 1521 Appendix B). IncidentSmart allows your department to benefit from the easy creation of post-incident analysis, consistency in how the content is delivered, and ease in disseminating the information throughout your department.

Post-incident analysis allow your department to

map created with IncidentSmart

map created with IncidentSmart

  • harness the "lessons learned" from each incident
  • Record and share best practices
  • Improve on-scene decision making by evaluating past actions
  • Improve processes to keep your crews safe
  • Incident Commanders will assess their scenes more critically knowing that they need to record it later
  • Fire fighters will perform more thoughtfully after engaging in the incident review process

IncidentSmart makes post-incident analysis effective through:

  • A simple interface that walks you through completing each section of the report
  • Mapping tools to help you create a diagram of the scene
  • Ability to upload photos of your scene to provide even more information to your personnel
  • Easy tools to share your report throughout your organization

Consistently documenting your incidents will lead to you have a smarter and more effective department. Make every incident count.

Please take a look at an example post-incident analysis report so that you can see the amount of information that can be harnessed using IncidentSmart.

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