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Additional Resources

Blog Post on Getting Started

This is the place to start when brand new to IncidentSmart. This guide covers logging into IncidentSmart, your dashboard and creating your first Post-incident Analysis Report

Quick Reference Guide

This post explains and gives you access to the IncidentSmart quick reference guide. This document explains all of the IncidentSmart mapping icons and how to work with them.

Video: Using IncidentSmart for Post-incident Analysis

This video walks you through creating your first Post-incident Analysis report. After watching this video you will have no problem creating your own.

Video: Fire Apparatus

This video covers using Fire Apparatus in IncidentSmart. We cover placing the apparatus on your map, how to position them, and how to make your aerial ladders swing into position.

Video: Create Quick Pre-Incident and Pre-Fire Plans

Pre-incident and pre-fire planning should not be hard. In this video we show you how you can quickly and easily create a pre-incident or pre-fire plan using IncidentSmart.


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