Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the questions we most often get from our users.

If you have a question that has not been answered below please let us know by using the contact form found at the bottom of this page.

Where is IncidentSmart hosted?

IncidentSmart is hosted on a virtual private server, we also use Amazon Web Services for file storage and for backups.

What web browser do you recommend for IncidentSmart?

IncidentSmart will run on any modern web browser. This includes Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Apple Safari to name a few. We are IncidentSmart prefer Google Chrome because it makes creating PDF versions of IncidentSmart reports really easy.

What technology powers IncidentSmart?

IncidentSmart is a 100% custom solution built on the Ruby on Rails framework. We also make use of standards compliant front end technologies so that we can provide a uniform experience across as many devices as possible.

Do I need to install any special to use IncidentSmart?

No! You use the same programs to access IncidentSmart that you use to access any website, that is: an Internet connection and a modern web browser.

Can I print my reports?

Yes! Our reports are designed to be printed. We recommend that our users print out their reports as a physical copy is a great tool to facilitate discussions at the fire house. Having a physical copy of pre-fire plans in apparatus is also useful if you find yourself in a remote location without computer or Internet access.

How much space is available for uploaded files and attachments?

IncidentSmart does not have a hard limit for uploaded files and attachments. For all normal uses of our program you will never run into a storage limit. If you have specific concerns please contact us and we can work with you on a solution.

What types of files can I upload?

For image uploads we support jpg, jpeg, gif and png.

For document uploads we allow the following file formats: csv, doc, docm, docx, gdoc, gslides, gsheet, key, keynote, html, htm, numbers, odf, ods, odt, odp, pdf, pps, ppt, rtf, sdd, txt, wpd, wps, xls, xlsx, xlsm, xlt, and xml.

If you need IncidentSmart to allow a file type that is not currently allowed please contact us and we can work with you to add support.

Does IncidentSmart charge for additional features or updates?

No! IncidentSmart charges a yearly subscription fee, and your subscription entitles you to all IncidentSmart reports, features and updates.

How do I sign up and get started?

There are a couple of different ways. You can sign up immediately using a credit card by visiting our online signup form, You can fill out the form a form on our pricing page in order to automatically recieve an invoice. Or you can use the contact form below to request an invoice.