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Here you will find information on using the IncidentSmart tools. We also talk about best practices for fire department training, pre-incident planning, and post-incident analysis.

Engine Company Drill #1: Forward Lay

By Dan Curran on September 01, 2014

Forward lay from hydrant

The first training scenario in our Engine Company Drill series. This drill outlines the steps required to perform a successful forward lay evolution as outlined in NFPA 1410: Standard for Training for Initial Emergency Scene Operations

Tags: training, training scenario, engine company drill, forward lay

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5 Quick Tips to a Better Map of your Fire Scene

By Dan Curran on August 25, 2014

Using our five quick tips will ensure that you have more detailed and professional looking map of your fire scene. You will convey more information about your scenes, and provide a higher quality training scenario for your department.

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Incident Commander's Guide to Post-incident Analysis

By Bill Curran on August 13, 2014

Incident Commander's Guide to Post-incident Analysis

I look at post-incident analysis as a critical management tool. It forces the incident commander to closely examine his incident scene. It provides valuable feedback about whether we are doing our incident responses correctly and safely. It provides a platform for others to learn from. And, it is a valuable record that can be used to: inspire your people, outline department needs for handling future incidents and educate elected officials. Captivate. Educate. Motivate.

Tags: post-incident analysis, critique

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Quick Reference Guide for the Mapping Tool

By Dan Curran on August 08, 2014

The mapping tool is the heart of IncidentSmart. Our two-page Quick Reference Guide, gets you up and running with the mapping tool.

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Getting Started with IncidentSmart

By Dan Curran on August 03, 2014

IncidentSmart is a program designed to easily get you creating pre-fire plans, training scenarios and after-incident reports. It provides all the tools you need to improve your practices before, during and after your incidents. In this article you will learn how to quickly and easily start leveraging IncidentSmart to improve the operations of your department.

Tags: getting started

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