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Here you will find information on using the IncidentSmart tools. We also talk about best practices for fire department training, pre-incident planning, and post-incident analysis.

New Feature: Protected Links

By Dan Curran on April 09, 2017

Protected Links: Securely Share your Reports

Protected Links are a new feature that allow you to share your private IncidentSmart reports with those who may not have an IncidentSmart account or who need quick access without signing in. This feature fills the gap between sharing reports with your IncidentSmart contacts and making your report public to the entire world.

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New Feature: Estimated Fire Flow

By Dan Curran on March 15, 2017

New Feature: Estimated Fire Flow

We have added a new feature to the Pre-Incident Plan report. This feature is the National Fire Academy Estimated Fire Flow. Read on to learn more about the estimated fire flow formula and how you can use it in IncidentSmart.

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Happy New Year!

By Dan Curran on December 15, 2016

IncidentSmart would like to wish you a happy holidays and a great new year!

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Fifth Alarm Dollar Store Fire

By Dan Curran on April 20, 2016

Fifth Alarm Dollar Store Fire

Take a look at the post-incident analysis report for the fifth alarm fire Dollar Store fire from Rochester, New York. In this report you will see the actions performed by the companies on scene and see diagrams of the initial state of the incident as well as how companies were setup after all units were on scene.

Tags: post-incident analysis, 5-5-5, dollar store

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Benefits of Pre-Incident Planning

By Dan Curran on April 01, 2016

Benefits of Pre-Incident Planning

There's always a blind spot that clouds our view during an incident mitigation. It's the unknown. As firefighters, we know every emergency is loaded with variables that will impact our decision-making. Fortunately, pre-incident planning provides information that narrows the blind spot, helping fire departments make huge strides in safety and performance.

Tags: pre-incident plan, strategic plan, incident mitigation, site-specific intelligence

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