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IncidentSmart provides the tools to increase safety for the members of your department.

Our program provides tools to quickly create effective pre-incident plans, training scenarios, and post-incident analyses.

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Training Scenarios


Training is essential for all fire departments. IncidentSmart increases the availability of training for your department, and ensures that everyone is training on the same material.

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Pre-Incident Planning


Every district has hazards, and high frequency sites which present specific challenges for a fire crew. Pre-incident planning helps reduce risk. IncidentSmart makes it possible to create, share and access your pre-incident plans.

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Post-Incident Analysis Incidents

IncidentSmart streamlines the post-incident analysis process to help you make every incident count. Performing post-incident analysis is one of the most effective ways to harness lessons learned and increase safety across your organization.

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New Feature: Protected Links

By Dan Curran on April 09, 2017

Protected Links: Securely Share your Reports

Protected Links are a new feature that allow you to share your private IncidentSmart reports with those who may not have an IncidentSmart account or who need quick access without signing in. This feature fills the gap between sharing reports with your IncidentSmart contacts and making your report public to the entire world.

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